Brycg (Bridge)… This recently finished painting is taken from some journeys into the local landscape and ceremony working with Land, Sea & Sky.

Through ritual alignment we can begin the process of accessing these very old, sacred & unseen constellations… becoming as a bridge between these – our most ancient of Ancestors.


Earth, Skies and Waters open
pouring through me in ecstatic torrents
wave upon wave.
The song of a thousand Mothers rises up
resounding deeply
within the chambers of my bones
awakening an ancient knowing
latent within each and every cell.
Their song grows louder and louder
until it becomes an all consuming roar
that I can contain no more!
Shattering my temporal vessel
scattered to the Winds
I am borne forth
on their ancestral song stream.
I am changed
I now remember that which was given
before I had form.

I wish you all many bright blessings on your path.



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