‘Walking with our Ancestors’Blessings to you all this Samhain!

Some touch drawings from a series in honor of the Ancestors. Offered in gratitude for all the assistance they give us, both seen and unseen.

They talk of connection and how they are always with us, that they are not separate from the living – that they walk amongst us and alongside us throughout our lives!

That they aid and guide us in our lives when possible, and hold space for us as we learn from our mistakes and stumbles in life.

That it is by living full, meaningful, passionate and juicy lives, by really being all that we can be that we truly honor them, for our lives are the most beautiful and fleeting of gifts!

To all our ancestors, I raise my glass to you, you have my heartfelt gratitude! Thank you all!

Blessings to you all this Samhain! See you round the Fire!

Hail to the Ancestors!

Gabrielle x


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