Biorna Wegas – The Warrior’s Path… “A warrior would rather die than go against their nature!”

Warriorship is an attitude, approach and way of being that we can bring to everything we do in our lives. Warriorship is about having the courage to seek out our path in this life and then to live it uncompromisingly. It is about standing in our integrity and for what we believe in, no matter what is going on around us or what others may say or do.

It is about continually saying yes and answering the call to become who we came here to be, to continually choose to act from a place of heart with actions based on love rather than fear. A warrior strives to have no enemies in this world or the next.

Warriorship is about not colluding with the divisive and fear based mentality that exists in the world around us, one which is constantly perpetuated by the antiquated patriarchy on a daily basis in the news and media. It is about waking up out of the cultural coma that is made increasingly easier for us to stay in and remembering why we came here to this world at this time.

A warrior’s path is a path to freedom, freedom from fear based patterns and limiting behaviors that do not serve them. To walk the warrior’s path is not easy, it requires the courage to stand up and think for yourself and be self referencing, as well as to admit when you have stepped out of your integrity. It requires constant mindfulness of your actions and motivations, the tenacity to keep going when it gets hard and compassion for yourself as well as for everyone around you.

Warriorship is about embracing wholeness and realising that on one level there is only one of us here, that by hurting others we hurt ourselves and that without inner peace there can never be outer peace. By working continuously on ourselves we are benefiting others, and by serving others we are also serving ourselves – there is no difference. If we can accept, integrate and love all aspects of ourselves we will begin to feel acceptance and love for everyone else out there in the world.

“Knowing the path and walking the path are two very different things.”

None of the above is particularly new or groundbreaking, however universal truths have a habit of persisting despite being ignored! Dig deep enough and most of the above can be found in the religions and spiritual practices across the world, but as they say ‘knowing the path and walking the path are two very different things.’

The world needs warriors now more than ever, the world needs you, it needs you as your most luminously radiant and fiercely compassionate warrior self. It fills my heart with hope to see so many are rising to meet the challenges ahead and finally start to take a stand.

I wish you all many bright blessings, may you feel the support of your ancestral spirits by your side on your paths of warriorship!



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