‘At The Crossroads’becoming the bridge we traverse…

Sacred space, the compass, the hedge, the mill, the tree, the circle and the crossroads are just some of the many names we give to that liminal space (that is both everywhere and nowhere) where we can converse, seek guidance and assistance from the Unseen Folk.

Something that I have really grown to appreciate recently; and of which my personal experience has greatly deepened is how we ourselves are in fact the crossroads – that we are the bridge we traverse. If we can shift from the perspective of seeing this place as somewhere ‘external’ or somehow separate from us that we seek out or create, to one of complete embodiment – strange and wonderful things can begin to happen!


‘Standing at the crossroads once again
realising that there is nowhere to go
but here.

We are the compass incarnate
moving ever from our center
treading that radiant serpentine path
back to ourselves…
to realise we were never apart!

We travel without moving
becoming the bridges
that we traverse.’


Wishing you all many luminous blessings on your respective paths!

Gabrielle x


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