‘Agrimony’Healer of thresholds, bringer of balance & true inner joy…

This is the first painting in a new series I have started called ‘encounters with plant healers’, and is based on my experiences working with a variety of different plants, trees and flowers within my shamanic work as well as my Bach practice.

This is going to be quite a large body of work and has already proven to be a fairly intense process, meeting, holding and bridging a plant allies specific teachings for their individual painting / map.

I met with Agrimony at the very edge, where the vast meadows give way to the endless forests.

Agrimony’s medicine and teachings are about not falling for surface appearances, seeing behind the mask. About bringing balance between the inner and outer, so that we are unafraid to truly express who we are and in turn finding a deep sense of inner peace.

A truly wonderful ally indeed! 🙂

I shall leave you with one of my favourite quotes that for me, speaks about the importance of this balance and authentic expression:

“...You take people as you find them: they all have a secret life inside, and they usually die without ever letting it out. That is the waste. The waste is not something they are not. The waste is not living what they are…” C.S. Hyatt

Gabrielle x


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