Glaem - Luminous Beauty by Gabriel Tamaya


Glæm – Luminous Beauty… This recently finished painting is taken from some powerful healing work I have been doing with my teachers around unpacking our cultures prescribed ideas of… […]

Waccan Stán - awakening the stones by Gabriel Tamaya

Waccan Stán

Waccan Stán – Awakening the Stones… […]

Utiseta by gabriel tamaya


Utiseta – traveling a full circle and returning home… This painting is taken from some ongoing shamanic work (both personal & trans-personal) I have been conducting… […]

Earendel - dawn's light by Gabriel Tamaya


Earendel – Dawns Light… Wishing you all a blessed Imbolc and a wonderful rest of your week… […]

Aelfen Faru - Procession of the Fae by gabriel tamaya

Ælfen Faru

Ælfen Faru – Fayerie Procession… a piece based on an encounter in the mountains with the fair folk… […]

Ancestral Spirits

The spirits of our ancestors are always with us, accompanying and guiding us like a flock of birds… […]

Landvættir (WIP)

Landvættir – a current painting in progress (WIP) taken from some recent journeys and work with my local land Spirits / Wights, those who work as stewards to the land. Wishing you all a luminous winter solstice and a deeply restful and dream filled Yule! ✨🌞✨ Gabriel x […]

Hælsera - the Oracle by Gabriel Tamaya


Hælsera (the Oracle) – reflecting on the past and divining the path ahead… Journeying into the depths of winter to seek council from the Oracle about the gifts and teachings of this darkest point of the wheel. She showed us that once again we need to find the courage to let go of that which […]

workin progress by gabriel tamaya


Encountering titanic presences deep in the mountains – a current work in progress (WIP) … […]

Folkvangr by Gabriel Tamaya


Folkvangr – the fields of our Ancestors… Journeying to find the home of our Ancestors – our true home, to forge a deep connection with our lineages and find our true place among our kin. The Ancestors speak to us about the importance of claiming the power and gifts of our heritage, knowing that we […]

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