WIP by gabriel tamaya

Work in progress

Some current work in progress… […]

The path to Nicneven

The path to Nicneven – One of several studies from working up in the mountains this morning (WIP)…


Kin Fylgja by Gabriel Tamaya

Kin Fylgja

Kin Fylgja ancestral protectors, guides and teachers…

This painting is from some teachings I received whilst on a journey, about the abundance of spiritual support and help we all have available to us.


Baelfyr Healing Fire by Gabriel Tamaya 800px


Bælfýr(Healing Fires) The path of death, transformation & healing.

This painting is taken from some recent ceremony and healing journey work I did with Fire. The work was focused around shedding old patterns in order to more fully step into our power and deeper onto our paths.


Unseen Folk (Video)

Encounters with the Unseen folk of the land (Landvættir) up in the mountains… (click video below)  […]

Way Walker

‘Way Walker’becoming the bridges that we traverse…

A recent painting taken from further explorations on the theme of journeying, traveling throughout the worlds for healing and teachings.


40% Off All Art Prints

40% Off All Art Prints…

I am pleased to announce that there will be 40% off all prints in my print shop until midnight (PT) Tuesday 02/26/19.


Work in progress

Mountain Ceremonies

One of several current paintings in progress in its early stages taken from some recent work & ceremony held in the mountains.


Ancestral Spirits

The spirits of our ancestors are always with us, following & guiding us like a flock of birds… (detail) current work in progress (WIP)


work in progress

Work in progress

Some current work in progress in its early stages.


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