White Bones & Little Stones

White Bones & Little Stones

‘an animist’s map of the Unseen…’

(134+ pages featuring over 80 paintings, available in hardback, softback & deluxe editions.)

“White Bones & Little Stones is more of a treasure map than a book. It is an atlas for the soul in modern times, illuminating the many paths back to our whole healed selves!”

White Bones & Little Stones is a book of my collected works & writings from over the last few years. These maps are taken from my animist work and shamanic trance journeys into the Unseen.

The maps here are important because, more and more, we’re conditioned to only work with what we can see and what the consensual agreement is as to what’s real. Our lives are becoming more and more impoverished for it. These maps are a reminder and a doorway back to what we truly are, behind our more mundane lives.”

This book is a way marker in my journey of bridging maps, where I’ve reached a point that they need to be collected and put into a book together so their relationships can deepen their individual meanings.

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